Introduction to Property Boundary Lines

Boundary lines of a property, be it a home, a shopping center or a casino like Betway casino may have markings in the form of hedges, fences, walls, roads surrounding the property or nothing at all. The rule of thumb is that you want a strong protection for the back side of your property. The rear is where the criminals prefer to enter because there is less visibility, fewer chances of getting caught and, typically, less protection in the form of an open back door or a window.

When it comes to the front of your house, you want everything to be visible to the neighbors and to the traffic on the street. Your property is much safer if anyone passing by can get an uninterrupted view of it. Some communities have very strict regulations about fences and walls, which is why you want to check with your local authorities about the rules in your area.

Solid walls

Solid walls made of wood, concrete and other materials can give criminals a good way to enter your property by climbing oven them and stay invisible to the neighbors. This is why you are often better off by having clear views of the front of your home.

Simple walls will stop an opportunist burglar looking for the easiest crime opportunity. High-end alarms will notify you even about determined burglars who have planned to enter your property illegally.

Wooden fences

Wooden fences are not as strong as walls. They may also require more maintenance. A determined criminal will usually have to issue getting through even the strongest wooden fence.

Wire fences

A wire fence will protect your property from opportunistic criminals. Wire fences come in all kinds of styles and heights. Some models are very inexpensive. A concrete footing will prevent a criminal from scraping a hollow under such a fence, but the installation of such a footing can be expensive. The ultimate flaw of a wire fence is that a cheap pair of wire cutters will get anyone through it very easily.