Protecting Your Home From Intruders

Stealing valuables from a home is not an easy task. First, an intruder needs to get into the home without anyone noticing. Then, there’s a task of finding the valuables and extracting them. Finally, the intruder needs to get out without being noticed or caught. All of this requires a lot of effort and luck.

This is why some criminals choose a different way. They get in because a person living in a home lets them in. They get some time to look around, then leave in the daylight and even get the owner to tell them goodbye.

Typically, this happens when criminals come to your home claiming to be in an official capacity. Then they talk you into letting them in and leaving them alone for a long enough time for them to steal what they wanted to steal. Such burglaries are also known as distraction burglaries.

The task of invading your home becomes even easier if there are several people tricking you. For example, one of them may pretend to be a meter reader and the second one to be a trainee. The trainee will ask to use the bathroom while you are helping the meter reader and steal from your house.

This scenario may happen to anyone, but the elderly and the infirm are especially vulnerable.

To protect yourself, always ask for identification. Check the identification before you let anyone into your home.

If you have any doubts whatsoever, call the company that the person(s) claim to work for. Never ask the person for a phone number or call a number that they give you. Find a number yourself in the phone book or on the Internet. If you can’t find the phone number, call the police and talk to them. If the visitor is genuine, he or she won’t have any problems waiting for a few minutes while you are confirming the identity.