What You Need to Know About Doors and Locks

The front door of a home is very important because it is the most-used access point to the home.

First and foremost, to keep your home secure, lock the door and don’t keep any hidden keys outside. No matter how smart and creative you think you are about your hiding place, an experienced burglar will be able to find it relatively easily.

If you want to have emergency keys, give them to two people, be it friends, relatives or neighbors. The reason for having two emergency keys is simple: one of the people may not be there when you need your key.

Also, make sure that you trust not only the key holder but also all the people in his or her household. Your older friend may be very trustworthy. Her son’s girlfriend who is into recreational drugs may not be.

Softwood Doors

Many modern doors are made of cheap softwood that does look and feel cheap. Typically, one strong kick will break such a door open. If you can’t feel the weight of a door when you swing it on the hinges, it is probably not a secure door. A good door feels heavy and solid.

Doors with plywood inserts

Some doors come with door panels made of plywood. One kick will make the plywood fly out and give a burglar access to your home.

Hardwood doors

Hardwood doors are much more secure than softwood doors or doors with plywood panels.

A door frame is as important as a door itself. If you have a weak and cheap frame, then the quality and the price of your door are irrelevant.

A door frame can be weak in a number of ways, including cheap wood, being secured with wrong fittings or being of a wrong size for the opening. Finally, you may have a great frame and a great door, but substandard wall next to it, which, again, will make the quality of the door irrelevant.